Pet Sitter of the Month for September 2011


NJ Pet Sitters congratulates Beth for Pet Sitter of the Month for September 2011! Beth is very attentive with all of her accounts. This month while doing her normal, routine head count she noticed one of the client’s cats needed immediate medical attention. Beth rushed him to the vet and contacted our client. Beth saved this little friend’s life. Great Job Beth!

Pet Sitter of the Month for June 2011

Donna T.

Donna T is always ready to befriend a special needs fur client. This month Donna cared for a cat named Joy from Dumont that refused to make friends and needed insulin shots. Donna insisted on spending time with Joy once the owner returned, so that she could see that she was there as a friend.  Donna has such dedication to each animal that enters her life.  Later that month she was scheduled for more visits while the owner was away and things were much better… she even got the cat to purr and rub on her leg!

Pet Sitter of the Month for February 2011

Donna D.

Donna D. is the Employee of the Month for February 2011!  Donna was extra attentive while caring for a cat named David in Teaneck, New Jersey.  When she noticed that he was not acting like himself, she began investigating and found that there was not enough urine or excrement in the litter box for two kitties.  She went to the store and bought him turkey breast, and found that was the only thing he would eat.  She took him to the vet and gave him extra care until his family got back from vacation.  He has been going to different vets and specialists, but he just began medicine and is feeling a little better.  We ask that everyone say a prayer for him so that we can help him get well soon!  Thank you Donna for going the extra mile for David!

Pet Sitter of the Month for November 2010

Donna D.

DONNA is the EMPLOYEE OF THE MONTH FOR NOVEMBER 2010!  We want to thank Donna for all of her hard-work this month.  Donna always puts our clients first-she has a love and bond with each of our furry friends that I have seen first-hand. When something is needed at the last minute Donna is always ready to help-out and save the day. She is 100% all about four-legged friends in need.  Donna spends her available time giving free dog walks at North Jersey animal shelters to help the pups feel special that day!  She moves mountains and has a strong voice in the animal community.  We are very happy to have her on our team!  Thank you for being You!

Potty Train Cats – Your Cat Can Use the Toilet

Cat on the toiletGetting to know your cat’s behavioral patterns is key to having an valuable relationship with your pet.  Cats are very intellectual animals, but they are also creatures of habit. Many wonderful relationships between parents and their cats are ruined every day because of poor potty habits; often the frustrations leads to abandonment and their cats are sent to pounds.  There is a very low demand for older cats in animal shelters. Please don’t have this happen to your loved ones!

Every cat owner understands that the relationship that they have with their cat is one of the most rewarding things in life. It is typically believed that cat owners survive longer because of the love that they give and get back from their kitties. Some pet owners prefer cats, and some think dogs are man’s best friend, but people feel that felines and dogs are totally different pets. Dog owners know that their pets are very forgiving in their relationships, but cats require more attention. While dogs may mark their territory by going to the bathroom in areas that we know are unacceptable, they can easily be shown to do this outside of the residence. Cats can easily be shown to use the litter box, but keeping up this behavior is much more arduous.

There are many ways to keep your cat satisfied using a litter box. Proper maintenance and regular cleaning with ammonia will go a long way. Replacing the entire litter instead of just removing the poop will help to achieve the intended result. In addition, using a litter box bag will help in the maintenance of this process. Some of the bad parts of all of this maintenance is the amount of invaluable time and money. Repeatedly replacing cat litter and bags can be very expensive over the life of your cat. The median life span of a domesticated inside cat is 16.5 years, as opposed to 3 years for ferile outdoor cat. If you calculate the expense of buying these materials over the life of your cat, the expense will be significant. In addition, the typical cat owner has 2 cats, so this cost is theoretically amplified. This is true because you should have at least one litter box per cat.  Wouldn’t it be better to just flush the toilet after them instead?

Many people have seen in current films that the concept of potty training your cat is idealistic, and typically thought of to be comedic. Although most cat owners find this unbelievable, those that have trained their cats to use the toilet have saved thousands of dollars and months of time.  The possibility of training cats to use toilet bowls instead of a litter box could be a reality. Think of your furry feline friends, and allow them the same comfort that we have become used to ourselves…going to the bathroom in a toilet!