Pet Sitter of the Month for December 2011


NJ Pet Sitters congratulates Arlette for being Pet Sitter of the Month for December 2011! Arlette just shined this month! She is just the “Little Engine That Could”. Arlette gives 100% into every account. She is a wonderful communicator and always does what’s best for the clients! She is also a great team player, she is always helping out her fellow sitters when they need an extra hand. Thank you for all of your hard work Arlette!

Pet Sitter of the Month for November 2011


NJ Pet Sitters congratulates Suzy on being Pet Sitter of the Month for November 2011! Suzy is our own little Snow White. Her calming voice and gentle touch makes any nervous pup feel safe. Suzy gives 110% into every visit. Each vacation she did this month had a 10 minute conversation with us on how wonderful Suzy is! Thank you for all of your hard work! Keep it up Suzy!

Pet Sitter of the Month for September 2011


NJ Pet Sitters congratulates Beth for Pet Sitter of the Month for September 2011! Beth is very attentive with all of her accounts. This month while doing her normal, routine head count she noticed one of the client’s cats needed immediate medical attention. Beth rushed him to the vet and contacted our client. Beth saved this little friend’s life. Great Job Beth!

Pet of the Month for October 2011

NJ Pet Sitters would like to recognize Traci from Rutherford , New Jersey as Pet of the Month for October 2011.   Traci is a 16.5 year-old Schnauzer, who fights the fight every day for her owners Kristin and Justin.  Traci has had a very difficult year fighting Cushings and Arthritis, and is also battling Vertigo for the past month.  She is a tough little girl who keeps surprising everyone, beating all the odds.  She is the sweetest Schnauzer we have met.  Great Job To Traci for being a wonderful companion and friend to us here at NJ Pet Sitters.

Pet Sitter of the Month for August 2011


Dana is always a team player – we want to thank her for her extra support and loving care with each account!  Dana always takes the time with extra detailed phone calls to our first-time clients that might be a bit nervous leaving their fur family at home. Each client always returns with peace of mind and a great experience.  Dana spent most of August in her car and out at our clients’ homes playing with and loving their pets.  Thank You for your dedication!

Pet Sitter of the Month for July 2011

Amy C Pet Sitter Photo

Amy C.

Amy is recognized for her hard work and dedication to each account.  She is always very organized and provides very detailed notes for our clients.  When you read her notes you feel as if you were there.  Amy always has great communication with the main office.  When our clients return after using Amy to care for their animals they always have great things say!  Thank you!

Pet Sitter of the Month for May 2011

Lisa Pet Sitter


Lisa is the NJ Pet Sitters Employee of the Month for May 2011!  We thank Lisa for being a team player and always helping out when needed.  Lisa has a real eye for detail and is very OBSERVANT; she noticed at a daily dog walk that one of the dogs was not acting normal.  He was very thirsty, and required more and more water while appearing weak.  She immediately called the owner who came home from work to take him to the veterinarian. With a diagnosis and a few needed medications and fluids he was feeling much better.   Lisa has excellent communication, which is a requirement  for the business.  Thank You!