Why Hire a Dog Walking /Pet Sitting Organization vs. Individual

The majority of pet sitting and dog walking companies in Northern New Jersey are individually owned and operated. Some pet owners prefer this approach because it means that there is only one pet sitter to have to introduce to their loved ones. There are many negatives to this however, due to last-minute cancellations and emergencies by the individual pet sitter that leave pet owners without any coverage. NJ Pet Sitters, L.L.P. offers the best of both worlds by providing a primary provider, and a secondary back-up for every household. Pet owners never have to worry about a phone call within 24 hours of their departure telling them that their only option is suddenly available. NJ Pet Sitters employs systems and routines, along with a safety net of multiple pet sitters and dog walkers to provide customers with the worry-free service that they deserve. A quality pet sitting company allows pet owners to be stress-free, and makes their lives easier. When considering whether to use an individual dog walker or pet sitter as opposed to an organization, remember that you need the provider to be there for you when you need them the most!

Pet of the Month for October 2010

Sadie M
Sadie as a Buzzing Bee!

Congratulations to Sadie – NJ Pet Sitters Pet of the Month for October 2010! Sadie was a little buzzing bee for Halloween and looked adorable! She is happy go-lucky, very lovable and always sits in our laps and loves to give kisses.  She loves to sniff around everywhere on her dog walks!

Pet Sitter of the Month for October 2010


DANA  is the EMPLOYEE OF THE MONTH FOR OCTOBER 2010!   Dana jumped right in on last-minute calls from clients, and helped out her peers as well.  On a Friday night, one of our current clients called  and needed emergency visits, but his current sitter was unavailable.  She dropped everything to go meet him and his 2 German Shepherds, and she started the visits the very next morning!  If you have ever met Dana, you know that she is always positive, and there is always a smile on her face.  She also provided coverage on Halloween weekend for overnight sits so that the regular sitter could enjoy the special holiday with family.   Her attention to detail and willingness to go above-and-beyond help NJ Pet Sitters to deliver the best pet sitting and dog walking in North Jersey!

Pet Sitter of the Month for September 2010

PERICA is the EMPLOYEE OF THE MONTH FOR SEPTEMBER 2010!  We want to thank Perica for all of her hard work this month.  She has jumped right in, and is a real sweetheart to all her furry friends.  She has even noticed a sore on one of the pups that was missed by the owners.  After the the vet and some ointment, this pup has some pep to his step. We have received many parents calling to express how happy they find their fur kids are when they arrive home after Perica’s time with them. Thank You for putting your heart into every visit!