Pet Sitter of the Month for June 2011

Donna T.

Donna T is always ready to befriend a special needs fur client. This month Donna cared for a cat named Joy from Dumont that refused to make friends and needed insulin shots. Donna insisted on spending time with Joy once the owner returned, so that she could see that she was there as a friend.  Donna has such dedication to each animal that enters her life.  Later that month she was scheduled for more visits while the owner was away and things were much better… she even got the cat to purr and rub on her leg!

Pet of the Month for December 2010

Coco is NJ Pet Sitters Pet of the Month for Decebmber 2010Congratulations to Coco in Lyndhurst – NJ Pet Sitters Pet of the Month for December 2010! Coco, a once dog-aggressive puppy, learned to be good on her walks when she sees other dogs.  Her behavior was modified through proper training from her owners, and our efforts to reinforce the correct behavior.  She now goes for walks in the neighborhood like every other dog.  Coco is proof that American Pit Bulls get a bad rap, as she is one smart, obedient and loving dog!

Pet of the Month for November 2010

Oliver is Pet of the Month for November 2010

Oliver is Pet of the Month for November 2010

Congratulations to Oliver in Pine Brook – NJ Pet Sitters Pet of the Month for November 2010!  This little guy is a real trooper!  Oliver is 13 years old and has his bad days and his good days. I know he looks forward to his dog walk most of the time, because he barks by the balcony window sometimes when he sees me pull up.  Most of the time he is sound asleep on the couch in his favorite spot. The past few weeks he has had some pretty bad days. He had tummy issues late one night and tried to go upstairs (hearing and sight failing) he hurt himself somehow and ended up bleeding from his front paw. His mom was so upset. A trip to the vet proved a nail had ripped from his pad/paw area and he had minor surgery to make it better. He is now sporting a blue bandage with smiley faces on it. The first day after the bandage he was carried spot to spot by his mom and myself to do his business. The next day he limped but wanted to walk around the block. Oliver is  a great dog and I look forward to visiting him every day!

Pet Sitter of the Month for November 2010

Donna D.

DONNA is the EMPLOYEE OF THE MONTH FOR NOVEMBER 2010!  We want to thank Donna for all of her hard-work this month.  Donna always puts our clients first-she has a love and bond with each of our furry friends that I have seen first-hand. When something is needed at the last minute Donna is always ready to help-out and save the day. She is 100% all about four-legged friends in need.  Donna spends her available time giving free dog walks at North Jersey animal shelters to help the pups feel special that day!  She moves mountains and has a strong voice in the animal community.  We are very happy to have her on our team!  Thank you for being You!

Why Hire a Dog Walking /Pet Sitting Organization vs. Individual

The majority of pet sitting and dog walking companies in Northern New Jersey are individually owned and operated. Some pet owners prefer this approach because it means that there is only one pet sitter to have to introduce to their loved ones. There are many negatives to this however, due to last-minute cancellations and emergencies by the individual pet sitter that leave pet owners without any coverage. NJ Pet Sitters, L.L.P. offers the best of both worlds by providing a primary provider, and a secondary back-up for every household. Pet owners never have to worry about a phone call within 24 hours of their departure telling them that their only option is suddenly available. NJ Pet Sitters employs systems and routines, along with a safety net of multiple pet sitters and dog walkers to provide customers with the worry-free service that they deserve. A quality pet sitting company allows pet owners to be stress-free, and makes their lives easier. When considering whether to use an individual dog walker or pet sitter as opposed to an organization, remember that you need the provider to be there for you when you need them the most!