Meet Our Staff

Miranda Coyle

My name is Miranda and I am the owner of NJ Pet Sitters, L.L.P. Our goal is to provide the best and most consistent service for you and your pets. We pride ourselves on the relationships that are formed between your pet sitter and your pets. Whenever possible we will provide you with the same pet sitter for every visit. My team and I will attend to your every need!

Amy C Pet Sitter Photo

My name is Amy and I live in Madison with my boyfriend, our two German Shepherds, Donovan and Corbin, and our cat, Tyler. I was a US Army Military Police Narcotics Detector Dog Handler for three years and grew up with a Rottweiler/Golden Retriever mix, so I have a soft spot in my heart for large breed, sometimes misunderstood, dogs. I also worked at The Seeing Eye, Inc as a kennel assistant for three years, where my boyfriend and I were able to adopt our German Shepherds, who were medically rejected from the program. I have been pet sitting for friends and family since I was in high school and thought this would be a good employment opportunity while seeking a degree in Business Administration. I absolutely love animals and have an interest in animal behavior and animal assisted therapy. I am honest, hard working, and can provide you with the peace of mind that your pets will be taken care of in the best way possible.

Amy B. Pet Sitter

Hi my name in Amy. I live in Budd Lake NJ. I grew up training seeing eye dogs. I recently rescued a Heeler Mix. Animals are great due to the unconditional love they give. I joined Pet Sitters to be able to care of animals when needed and give them the love when you’re away.

Melody Pet Sitter

Hi my name is Melody, I currently live in Wayne. The dog in my arms is named Dusty. I’ve been surrounded by animals all my life and I knew at a young age I’ve wanted to work with them. I’m so happy to have a chance to work with your pets and they will be treated like a part of my own family while in my care!

Leah Pet Sitter

Hi my name is Leah and I live in Wayne, New Jersey. I live at home with my Westy, my Mix, and my two cats. I am very passionate about animals, so much so that I am currently studying biology at William Paterson University in order to further pursue a career involving the care of animals.

Jennifer E Pet Sitter

Hi my name is Jennifer. I live in Boonton NJ with my boyfriend. Pictured with me are my two rescue dogs, Henry (Beagle) and Jackie (German Shepherd/Jack Russel mix). I grew up with dogs, cats, fish and birds and love them all. I worked in the hospitality industry for 25 years taking care of guests needs. I enjoyed assisting guests but always wanted to work with animals. I can’t wait to provide excellent care and services to your pets!

Heather Pet Sitter

Hi I’m Heather! I’m a college student and I’ve lived in north Jersey my whole life. I’ve always had pets growing up and my love for them has grown so much as I’ve grown. I have a passion for learning and understanding different types of animals. I’ve been watching pets since high school and I’m so glad I found this amazing career. Outside of pets I’m a very crafty person and I love photography and art.

Fred Pet Sitter

Hi, My name is Fred, I live in Rockaway with my girlfriend. Between just the kids and myself, I have cared for everything from dogs and cats, to fish, lizards, Hamsters gerbils, Guinea pigs and Rabbits. I have worked in Kennels, and most recently fostered rescue dogs that needed TLC and training so that they could find a new home. Large breed dogs and Pitties are some of my favorites, as well as the cute little ones. Yes, I was a proud Dad to a 4 1/2 pound Pomeranian, Ozzy, and a 125 pound Rottweiler, Lucky, at the same time…Pet sitting gives me an opportunity to do what I love, I thank you in advance for the opportunity to care for your furry, scaly and feathered family members, and I can’t wait to meet them!

Chris Pet Sitter

HI my name is Chris, I grew up with dogs and cats mostly but also got to spend my time with birds, and reptiles. I love meeting new animals and giving them the love they deserve.

Brielle Pet Sitter

Hi, my name is Brielle and I live in Rutherford , NJ with my boyfriend and our 7 year old son and our beautiful 2 year old Belgian Sheepdog named Piper. I strongly believe that pets are part of the family. I have cared for a wide variety of pets ranging from cats, dogs, bearded dragons, even tropical friends like Catalina macaws. Animals have always been my passion. You can rest assured knowing your furry (not so furry) pets will be in the most loving and assuring of hands.

Jordyn Pet Sitter

Hello ! My name is Jordyn, I am a 19 year old animal enthusiast with a passion for caring for furry friends. From a young age I discovered a natural affinity for animals, which led me to embark on a pet sitting journey within my close-knit community. I have a charming cat named Lily and a lively dog named Gambit. I am committed to tending to your pets with the same level of care and devotion that I provide to my own.

Lesley Pet Sitter

Hi my name is Lesley and I live in West Milford and I grew up in Glen Ridge. I am a Communications graduate of the College of New Jersey. From the moment I could walk I wanted to be with animals. I rescued my 1st cat when I was 7. My 1st dog’s name was Happy Day, as it was the happiest day my life. I live with my beautiful 2-year old RagDoll cat Ziggy. I have been a full-time and part-time dog walker and pet sitter since 1992. Animals are my love and my passion. It’s a joy, not a job taking care of peoples fur babies.

Carol Pet Sitter

Hello my name is Carol.