Pet Sitter of the Month for October 2011

Donna D.

NJ Pet Sitters congratulates Donna Diaz as Pet Sitter of the Month for October 2011! Donna really stepped up to the plate this month as she was a real team player! Whenever we needed an extra hand, Donna jumped right in! Donna’s love for animals shines through every note she writes and every photo she takes. Thank you for all that you do! Great Job Donna!

Pet of the Month for March 2011

Bailey is NJ Pet Sitters Pet of the Month March 2011

Pet of the Month March 2011

Bailey is our Pet of the Month for March 2011 from Teaneck in Bergen County, New Jersey.  He is a remarkable 14 year-old Labrador who is a retired “search” dog.  Bailey loves to do extra sniffing on his walks with us, and remember his working days.  Bailey always greets us at the door for his daily dog walk with a stuffed teddy bear in his mouth, just making our day. Bailey takes his medicine for thyroid and arthritis like a trooper.  We love his owner as well because she is careful with Bailey’s diet which can be hard with Labs, keeping him trim and healthy.  At NJ Pet Sitters LLP we love to see such responsible and loving pet owners!

North Jersey Animal Attacks on the Rise

Numerous reports have emerged recently of coyote attacks on small animals that many keep as pets – including dogs and cats.   What is most disturbing is that nothing is being done about this.   As construction in Northern New Jersey increases, the land where wild animals live such as bears and coyotes is disappearing.   Through displacement of their “normal” environment, these animals seek shelter and hunt by different means in new places.   For all pet owners this is their worst fear realized…their pets and loved ones could become their prey.

For pet owners in the Smoke Rise complex in Kinnelon, New Jersey there is cause for alarm.  Last week, a pet Pug was killed right in its own backyard by a coyote. By the time Sandra Lopez went outside to check on her dog’s screams, she found Elsie in the mouth of a vicious coyote.   Elsie’s remains were found later in a nearby neighborhood by a maintenance crew, and police were dispatched for an investigation. Unfortunately this is not the first occurrence, and will most likely not be the last.   Other occurrences have been reported in Smoke Rise, however most have not been substantiated by finding remains.  Last August, a small dog was killed in Sparta, and some animals have gone missing recently in Mountain Lakes.  Please be sure to take caution and use judgment when leaving your pets unattended outside. This will be especially critical in the coming months as food becomes scarce for these displaced predators.   While many criticize the wild animals and particularly the coyotes, they are simply acting on their natural instincts of survival.  This is of little consolation to the owners of their victims though.

One option for worried pet owners is to utilize a pet sitter for dog walking and exercise.  Owners may choose not to do this themselves due to the coming Winter’s cold.   Coyotes are afraid of people, and a pet sitter is a good guardian to have as a protector for your loved ones.    In addition, if you have indoor/outdoor cats, please think twice before allowing them to continue roaming outside.  Whatever you do as pet owners, remember to take every precaution to ensure your loved ones are safe in these difficult times.

Tips for Halloween With Your Pets

Helpful tips from NJ Pet Sitters for Halloween enjoyment and festivities with your fur kids (and the less-hairy kind):

  1. Keep dogs and cats in a separate area without access to the main entrance/front door to avoid scaring trick-or-treaters or your pets.  In addition, this will prevent your pets from possibly running outside while you least expect it.
  2. Do not bring dogs with you while trick-or-treating to avoid scaring other children walking around or the owners of the houses that you stop by.
  3. Keep outdoor cats indoors for a few day before Halloween to avoid potential problems with pranksters (especially black cats).
  4. Any Halloween costumes for your pets should be loose-fitting and not have any small parts that may be ingested.
  5. Do not share any candy with your pets, especially chocolate, and be sure to instruct your children to do the same.  Candy and especially chocolate can be lethal to pets because of its poisonous nature to them.
  6. Jack-O-Lanterns are dangerous if they contain lit candles inside, so be sure to pay extra attention to your pets’ location and proximity to them.
  7. ID tags or collars should be worn at all times in case your pet does escape from the house, so it can be properly identified and hopefully returned.

Remember these tips while enjoying Halloween, and be sure to collect lots of goodies!